The Courier-Mail, Saturday 9 July 1938
(Australia, Queensland)

Mr. John George Hobbs, who died at his home in Ipswich Street, Esk, at the age of 66, built the first ranches and men’s quarters, several shops, the Anglican Church, and the large store shed at the Esk railway station at the beginning of work on Somerset Dam.
He was born in Cornwall, and came to Queensland with his wife and family in 1909. He was a stonemason by trade, and established a building business in Brisbane. He was a member of the Stanley Chamber of Commerce at the time of his death, and for some time was a member of the Stanley Memorial Hospital Board.
In 1916 he was treasurer of the Master Builders’ Association, and the following year was president. He was a past Master of the Kangaroo Point Masonic Lodge, and for many years was superintendent of the Sunday school of the Kangaroo Point Wesley Church. He lived in Brisbane until five years ago.
Mrs. Hobbs died a year ago. Mr. Hobbs is survived by two daughters—Misses Hilda and Phyllis Hobbs (Esk)—and one son, Mr. J. D. Hobbs (Brisbane).

Contributed by Bob Bolitho