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The parish of


created in 1851

is located in the Hundred of West, next to the parishes of Duloe, Pelynt, and St. Veep. It was taken from the Northern portion of Lanreath in 1851; prior records should be found in Lanreath.

The remains of a Roman road still exist; a large barrow extends from Tregarrick in Pelynt, past Tresawson and Pelventon in Lanreath, 7 miles in all, to Looe. It once stood seven feet high, and twenty feet wide at a medium. This gave rise to a popular local saying "A giant, having nothing to do, Made a great hedge from Leerin to Looe." It's commonly called "Giant's Hedge".

Cornwall Online Parish Clerks

The Online Parish Clerk (Genealogy) for Herodsfoot is Mary Counter, who can be contacted by .



Information can be found at COCP (the Cornwall Online Census Project), which is complete for 1841 to 1891 and has been verified, FreeCen at Rootsweb, which has a very good search engine and information from COCP, as well as GenUKI, which has more reference information and alternative resources.


For Parish Register information, please see our searchable database (C-PROP) which is updated regularly, and GenUKI.  The C-PROP parish coverage page is here.


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St Pinnock, St Keyne, Duloe & Lanreath.