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Creed Parish Church
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Creed is a parish in mid Cornwall extending to about 2,600 acres. It is essentially an agricultural area, bounded on the north by St Stephen in Brannel, on the east by St Ewe, on the south by Cuby, and on the west by Probus. Within the parish, however, is the ancient (and formerly important) township of Grampound – a corruption of the Norman French "Graundpount", or "grand pont", by which the settlement was known at that time. Its charter dates from the 1330’s, giving its inhabitants the right to hold a weekly market and other privileges. Former occupations in the borough included tanning, woollen manufacturing and glove making.
From the time of Edward VI the borough of Grampound sent two members to Parliament, until 1824 when the borough had the questionable distinction of being the only rotten borough to be disenfranchised for bribery prior to the Reform Act of 1832. William Noye and John Hampden (of ship-money fame) are perhaps the most famous to have represented the burgesses of the borough.
The parish church is dedicated to St Crida, said to have been the daughter of King Mark, and (according to legend) she founded a community of Celtic Christian nuns on the site. Anciently the parish was taxed under the name of Tybesta – in Cornish the house of bullocks, on account of its fertile lands – and was the home of the Court Baron of the Hundred of Powder.
Because of the distance from the principal settlement of Grampound to the parish church, a licence to celebrate Divine Service in the borough was granted in 1370, although the church there was variously referred to as the church of St Mary or St Barnabus in addition to its true dedicatee St Naunter or St Nun. Historically there was also reputed to be a holy well and chapel at Trevillick.

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Information can be found at COCP - the Cornwall Online Census Project - which is complete for 1841 to 1891 and has been verified, FreeCens at Rootsweb, which has a very good search engine and information from COCP, as well as GenUKI, which has more reference information and alternative resources.


Our searchable database (C-PROP) is updated frequently and contains full transcriptions, as well as other resources. The C-PROP parish coverage page is here. For further Parish Register information, please see GenUKI.


  1830, Pigot's Directory for Grampound (& Tregony) 1852-53, Slater's Directory for Grampound (& Tregony)

Other Trade Directories for Cornwall can be searched online here. For other information, see GenUKI.


Settlement Papers:

  7 Feb1785, William KINGDOM 22 Aug 1825, George MARTIN (& Borough of Plymouth)
  25 Jun 1799, Samuel HARVEY 5 Feb 1828, Thomas BULLOCK (& Lanhydrock)
  7 Dec 1813, Thomas & Mary GREEN (& Cuby with Tregony)  

War Memorial

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A list of available Wills and Probate Documents. Copies of those marked as CRO can be ordered from here using the appropriate reference.  For those marked as NA enter the reference in the search box on this page and follow the onscreen instructions.

  24 Nov 1599, Thomas DELL 1 Sep 1750, Edward COOKE
  10 Feb 1610, Stephenn HOARNABACKE (nuncupative) 19 Feb 1751, Richard PETERS
  26 Jun 1719, Roger TEAGE 30 Mar 1751, John PEARCE
  17 Sep 1749, Mary WOLRIGE 12 Apr 1751, James SECOMBE
  21 Jun 1750, Mary HOCKING 15 Oct 1785, John HARRES

Other Probate material abstracts can be found on the VCH website.

Miscellaneous Data:

  1. Late 19th. Century, newspaper cuttings about (1) Hale Boate Rocke & (2) the condition of Creed Churuch
  2. 26 Dec 1885, consecration of additional burial ground

As always, additional information can be found in the Cornwall section of GenUKI.


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Probus, St Stephen in Brannel, St Ewe and Cuby.


  1. Creed is included in The Parochial History of Cornwall, Volume I by Davies Gilbert, William Hals, Thomas Tonkin, Henry Samuel Boase, originally published in 1838 (page n290). Also downloadable as a pdf.
  2. Phillimore's Marriages Vol XXVI transcripts including Creed (with Grampound) (transcribed and in our database). For the Contents page, keep clicking Next until page 7/218 appears.


Town Hall & St Nun's Church, Grampound
Photographs © John Evans
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