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St Breward
St Breward Parish Church
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St. Breward lies on the northern edge of Bodmin Moor, north of the A30 and east of St. Tudy and the Atlantic Highway.
There are several versions of how St. Breward got its name - a not uncommon situation in Cornwall. It was not listed in the Domesday Book, at which time it was probably part of St. Tudy. It was also called Simonward. The name Breward may also come from the French for heath, bruyere.

However, there was also a Celtic saint called Branwalder or Broladre in Brittany and Jersey. The church was dedicated to St Brueredus in 1278 and is the highest church in Cornwall.

Parish registers from 1558 to 1875 are indexed in the IGI.

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Bastardy/Filiation Documents:

  1. A Bastardy Bond, dated 26 Nov 1814, naming Thomas MILLER the younger of this Parish.

Voters Lists:

  1. 1851/52
  2. 1852/53
  3. 1856/57
  4. 1864/65


A list of available Wills and Probate Documents. Copies of those marked as CRO can be ordered from here using the appropriate reference.  For those marked as NA enter the reference in the search box on this page and follow the onscreen instructions.

  25 Mar 1610, Roger HAMLIE 14 Mar 1791, an Indenture/Will for Joseph POPE of Mikelsto
  12 Nov 1613, Phillipe HORNE 12 Jun 1804, George WILCE
  3 Jun 1615, Richard BATHE 1 Oct 1816, John RICKARD
  30 Mar 1636, Henry BATH 24 Feb 1872, Thomas MILLER
  17 Apr 1751, Margery AXWORTHY 12 May 1883, Loveday PETT, probate
  27 Jan 1754, Mary HAINES  

Indentures and Other Documents:

  1. For an indenture between John Price of Hundridge and Edward Chapman of the Parish of St Bruard alias Symon Ward, in the 5th year of the reign of the George II, original document dated 1719.
  2. An Indenture, dated 28 Sep 1863 but mentioning earlier agreements by John PAWLEY of this Parish.

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St Tudy, Michaelstow, Advent, Altarnun, Bolventor (post-1849)and Blisland.


  1. St Breward is included in The Parochial History of Cornwall, Volume I by Davies Gilbert, William Hals, Thomas Tonkin, Henry Samuel Boase, originally published in 1838 (page n168). Also downloadable as a pdf.
  2. The Parochial and Family History of the deanery of Trigg Minor, Cornwall, By Sir John Maclean, first published in 1874. A very detailed history, with the parish included as St Bruered.
  3. Phillimore's Marriages Vol I transcripts including St Breward (transcribed and in our database)